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We Provide Service Across The Globe

We offer a Global Logistics Network Starting from our logistics base in China, with our worldwide offices and high quality distribution facilities which are staffed by dedicated teams of the top of experts. We have more than 20 years of experiences in this field are used to your advantage.

Fast Service

We value the impotency of quick services in today’s business world, Get the fastest service possible for you based on our advanced systems and our professional Vigorous team. Chat, call or update the system to call for action wherever whenever.

Transaction protection

By using our service, you will secure the deal and meet your expectations. No more concerns about unfamiliar suppliers, language barriers, scams and other endless list of risks.

Custom support

Our custom support includes a personal agent for each client and custom technical solutions through all major digital platforms available. We offer you to choose your level of involvement in your supply chain management. From direct contact in any matter to managing a full automation plan according to the definition of goals and objectives.


Quick Tracking

In the journey of your goods traveling across the globe, involves countless peoples and stations along the way.  Our service will provide you the ability to track and manage the progress in full control at any given time.

Supply Chain

Purchase and distribution channel

Air Freight

Commercial / Dropshipping

Ocean Freight

Door to Door/ incoterms

Software and automation

Ecommerce Systems development

Supply Chain

Purchase and distribution channel

Buy directly from the source in China and discover the power of manufacturing. For Any business needs, starting from Drop Shipping industry to commercial high-volume demand, we will make sure to deliver your goods on time straight to your place.

Get secured transportation and make sure you got exactly what you need on time, as expected. Our loyal local team will set foot in the ground for you to make sure to follow any of your needs.

Full time agent will be updated you about your products journey at any given time from factory to storage, shipping, and according to your plan.Use our network and experience to build your next level supply chain.

Air Freight

Commercial / Dropshipping

Airfreight is fast-moving, challenging and constantly changing according to many global segments – it’s the nature of the business. Around the globe capacity and demand can change in the blink of an eye.

Cross-border network opens the door for the largest air freight transportation providers in the world, offering a full and comprehensive package of premium, value-added services and specialist products all of which are specifically tailor-made for you.

With no commitment to a minimum of packages per month, we respect the needs of every customer wherever he is.

From our unique shipping plans includes Dor to dor delivery, pickup point delivery, standard register delivery and more..

Our partners network starts from China leading logistics for the Dropshipping industry alongside the most recognized partners in the air cargo industry, Such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL, EMS and more.
Across our worldwide network you can choose the service which best suits your needs.
From one drop shipping order to commercial quantity according to the delivery incoterms you choose, from China to USA and everywhere in between.

Ocean Freight

DOor to door/ incoterms

Our extensive and long-term relations with shipping lines and top class logistics partners mean we can provide you with access to a global carrier portfolio, covering all major ports in the world, with the best transit times and fully flexible scheduling we can meet your ambitious targets.

Cross-border can offer a competitive and flexible range of Ocean Freight services for both Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments.

We will work out any incoterms and shipping complementary to support your logistic solution. Dor to Dor easy solution or traditional Incoterms like DAP, EXW, CIF, FOB and more,all to make sure you will get your goods delivered safely on time.

These are backed by comprehensive Ocean Freight Management Services as well as Break-bulk, Project Forwarding, Partial and Full Charter Services. Cross-border will provide you the access opportunity to the largest Ocean freight transportation providers in the world.

Software and automation

Ecommerce Systems development

Integration to any systems available such as ERP, CRM, CMS, Saas, custom applications, and more. To support full control over inventory, purchasing, quality levels, fulfillment process ,shipping and tracking status, and much more.

For the ecommerce industry We offer a variety of technological solutions to support online stores and businesses along the e-commerce industry.

Integration available for most popular ecommerce platforms:
Shopify/ Woocommerce/ Magento/ big commerce/ Wix and more.

If your business needs a new updated system, our tech team and loyal partners can work with you to get one of the cost-effective innovative best software that will fit your business needs and leads you to the future of the Ecommerce industry. That’s all to ensure full control, easy to use, maximum utilization of time through automation of processes, expenses control and much more.

Contact and ask how we can take your supply chain to the next level and beyond.

We are expert and leading our industries

Industry Solutions

As one of the leading providers of logistics solutions across the globe, Logisco has an immense portfolio of transport and contract logistics solutions that spans multiple industries.

Industry Solutions - Air and Sea Cargo Shipments

Air and Sea Cargo Shipments

Forwarder service, customs brokerage, and delivery of goods according to any need and time frame. Competitive rates and must affective solutions to support your plan.

Industry Solutions - amazon fba


Best solutions for the Amazon’s sellers. We have built the perfect supply chain for this industry so you will focus on your ecommerce work while we manage all your logistics for you.

Industry Solutions - Drop-Shipping industry

Drop-Shipping industry

Lean Manage your ecommerce business with automation processes to buy, pick&pack and ship globally orders one by one with no inventory investment.

Industry Solutions - Sourcing


Finding the right product and supplier can be challenging and time consuming. Now you can have the power to unlock any source with perfect match fast and competitively.

Industry Solutions - Logistic chain

Logistic chain

All your logistics needs across the globe at one place. Your supply chain will be sported by top professionals in the industry.

Industry Solutions - Ecommerce technology

Ecommerce technology

We understand Ecommerce business’s needs. Starting with integrating your

Online shop to automate the daily routine, to support our services through any platform system.

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Open Innovation

Open Innovation

AI Port Management

AI Port Management

Digitalization insights

Digitalization insights

we are an advanced company

Using High Technology

  • Cloud Management SystemConnect top brands management systems to control and streamline your logistics process from any device. Share and build your A team rolls.
  • Software and automationCustom made high preforming applications to answer the biggest of your market challenges.
  • IOTInternet of Things, Connect your business to the ground and control any device or machine from any location.
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More About Us

We design and implement industry leading solutions for multinational companies. 

Using our service is easy! We are working for you to provide value.
If you are just looking for a quick quote to transport your goods, Simply fill in the quote form and contact to get a quick offer right away.
You will follow back with all tracking and support needed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I track my shipments?

    Cross Border has made tracking your shipment extremely easy with the cutting-edge software the company uses, including ERP, CRM, AWS. At every shipment, a special code is issued to the customer. The special code enables the sender to track the live coordinates of his shipment. You just have to insert the code we provide you with on the track & trace search bar on our website or the mobile app. The search engine will instantly tell you the status, the estimated time of arrival, and the port where your shipment is about to land.

    How do I supply goods to the Cross Border warehouse?

    Transporting your products to our warehouse is very easy. You just need to follow these two steps:

    1. Prepare your products for shipping – pack them into the boxes, and attach an EAN code label on the boxes to identify them easily. If you are sending goods in bulk, make sure that you attach an extra barcode label on the pallet that carries the same kinds of products.
    2. Create an account on Cross Border Cargo – Signup at the Cross Border website and add the items you want to transport in the shipping section.
    3. Click the delivery option – This will notify our staff right away, and they will pick it up from your location.

    Side Note: You can also deliver them yourself to one of our warehouses which is nearer to your place.

    What if my shipment is stuck at the port by the customs officials?

    Once you have delivered your cargo to our warehouse, you can put your utmost trust in us and rest easy because we are committed to delivering your shipments to their desired destination within time. Our staff is experienced in dealing with the customs officials professionally to make sure that your valuable goods do not hold longer than necessary at the port.

    Do you provide Door-to-Door cargo delivery services?

    Yes, we do provide door-to-door cargo delivery services to facilitate our customers in running their business activities without any unwanted hassle. Through our automated software and supply chain modules, we can pick, store, pack, and ship your products anywhere in the world, with your single touch. We are committed to lifting off as much burden as possible from the shoulders of our respected customers.

    How much do you charge for storing products in your warehouse?

    We provide warehousing facilities at surprisingly lower rates compared to other companies. As a gesture of long-lasting partnership with our customers, Cross Borders offer free storage space for the first two months at the facility. Moreover, we also allow our customers to avail free warehousing services for a quantity of 5 pallets which is extended even beyond the first two months. However, once you acquire our membership, you can even enjoy much-discounted rates.

    What they say

    Client’s Testimonial

    Our commitment to sustainability helps us reduce waste and share the benefits with
    our customers. It permeates the way we do business, driving us to innovate.

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      Jonathan Smith
      CEO Of Public Bakery CO.
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      David Beckham
      CEO Of Apple
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      Joseph Martin
      Head Of Logistic, Micrsoft
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      Kerry Jensen
      CFO Of Tumi

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    Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts

    Why choose us

    What Makes Us Different

    • We are passionate about our customers.
    • Energetic and Eager
    • Performance Driven
    • We are successful
    Why customers love us

    We are passionate about customers

    Cross Border basically a freight forwarding and logistics service provider and has managed to acquire an extensive customer base across the globe. The company, through its customer-friendly policies and innovative and reliable logistics solutions for its clients, has acquired a top spot in China and beyond. Cross Border is home to educated and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses work efficiently and profoundly by providing them with all the necessary tools, strategies, and services.


    With air and sea cargo shipments, Amazon FBA, drop-shipping, product sourcing, expanded logistic chain, and innovative eCommerce technology, we make sure that all logistics needs of our individual customers and forwarding requirements of business owners are met within the designated time frame. We treat our clients as partners and try every possible course to facilitate them in growing their businesses both locally and globally. See Case Studies

    Why customers love us

    We are energetic and eager

    Our staff is well-trained and experienced enough to facilitate your business in any way possible. We at Cross Borders are eager and energetic to provide you with the finest freight forwarding services beyond geographical barriers. Whether you need to deliver a small box or want to ship full container loads, our experts can take care of everything with care and honesty. We strive to bring you the swiftest, innovative, and effective logistics solutions according to the needs and requirements of your business.

    See Case Studies

    Why customers love us

    We are performance driven

    Our professional staff, through their collective efforts, is dedicated to providing our clients with peace of mind regarding logistics services. With an enhanced logistics network and freight forwarding services expanded beyond the regional borders, Cross Border’s diligent staff can look after their client’s every need. With a comprehensive experience in the field, we’ve deeply analyzed the market trends and have opted for advanced means to facilitate our customers better. Our workers are habituated to attend your every private or professional need. We seek to build and maintain healthier and long-lasting relationships with our customers throughout the world.

    See Case Studies

    Why customers love us

    We are performance driven

    Logistics, a leading global asset-light supply chain management company, designs and implements industry leading solutions for large and medium-size national and multinational companies. Approximately 73,000 employees in more than 120 countries are dedicated to delivering effective and robust supply-chain solutions across a variety of sectors where we apply our operational expertise to provide best-in-class services.Airfreight is fast-moving, challenging and constantly changing – it’s the nature of the business. Around the globe capacity and demand can change in the blink of an eye so it’s essential to have a partner who provides stability.See Case Studies

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